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Published July 15, 2015

One of 2014’s best games of the year (I’m joking) is making it’s way to the PlayStation Nation. What game? Well of course no other than Goat Simulator. This port is coming to the PlayStation 3 and 4 this August 11th.

Apparently this version of the game is getting an exclusive mode called “Goat VR”. It’s not completed yet, but they’re claiming you’ll be able to get a VR experience without the headset. Here’s the exact quote from our source

“The game’s PlayStation versions will feature the exclusive debut of a mode that Double Eleven is calling “GoatVR,” a “simulated GoatVR experience” that doesn’t require a virtual reality headset at this point. The mode is unfinished, but an early version will apparently be available in the PlayStation ports.”

Because this game is one giant joke, I’m not sure whether to take them seriously or not. I don’t get this game and I never will. That being said don’t let it stop you from trying it out.

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