Gi Conspiracies: Is Boonk A Government Plant?

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  1. @Mr_iKeepitreal They really did it

  2. Zac Zac says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal Lmfao

  3. Y’all really be enlightening us. I’ve been thinking that for so long ever since I’ve heard he got arrested

  4. Harland Reid Harland Reid says:

    Noah Steinbaum sheeeiiit

  5. Mahir Alam Mahir Alam says:

    Shadab Hassan best article

  6. With a name that sounds like they let an autistic monkey name him. I wouldn’t doubt it.

  7.' urbanthug says:


  8. RustBuket RustBuket says:

    sometimes I wonder if I should ever take you seriously lol

  9. Ja-wan Za Ja-wan Za says:

    This needs to be the new series

  10.' Berry McLaurin says:

    Sensational. Music and all

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