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Published April 7, 2017

Dauntless is a game that’s been making its rounds at smaller gaming conventions in 2016 & 2017. Some of the Gi crew got a chance to go hands-on with the title during PAX East. We all left that demo agreeing that was our favorite game on the show floor. For those unaware Dauntless is a free to play monster hunter style game that focuses on the action and teamwork.

Currently, they only plan to release on PC. A closed alpha is about to start. If you missed sign-ups, then don’t sweat it. You’ll have two more times to get a head start on the competition. Later this year they’ll be conducting a closed and open beta. The closed beta will go down this summer and will last a weeks before the game opens to the public.

Today Phoenix Labs announced that if you purchase one of their founder’s packs, then you’ll be guaranteed a closed beta spot this summer. There are three different tiers for the founder’s pack and below is what they include. Click here if you want to purchase a founder’s pack.



    Closed Beta Access: Can’t wait to start slaying? Guarantee your spot in Dauntless history with Closed Beta Access. The Closed Beta will  begin this summer and run for many weeks until we’re ready for Open Beta. Slayer inventories and stats will be wiped before Open Beta.


    Champion Status (90 Days): Receive more materials from every behemoth you slay. Champion status is a great way to make your hunts go further.


    Slayer Pack: Hit the ground running with a care package designed to help you on your first few hunts. Grab potions and other consumables to help you jump-start your legend.


    In-Game Title & Forum Icon: Let everyone know that you were there day one with this exclusive title. Both in-game and on the forums you’ll stand out as a founding slayer.


    Founder’s Flare: Flares are the best way to communicate with other slayers on the hunt. The exclusive Founder’s Flare will set you apart as a leader in any group.


    Includes Slayer Tier rewards


    Chroma Cores: Expand your palette of dyes and personalize your gear. Every Chroma Core contains a random assortment of items that you can use to make your legend unique.


    Transmog Stones: Love the stats, but want to change the look? Transmog it and give your equipment a new appearance. Start with a few stones to keep handy for when you find something special.


    Includes Hero and Slayer Tier rewards


    Founder’s Alpha: Want to be among the first to walk the Shattered Isles? Play a full week before Closed Beta starts in this exclusive event. Join Phoenix Labs as we open the doors to Ramsgate, then keep playing in the Closed Beta when everyone else arrives. The Founder’s Alpha will come after the Closed/Technical Alpha and before Closed Beta.


    Patron Status (90 Days): Similar to Champion status, Patron status increase the quantity of materials dropped by slain behemoths. What’s better is that everyone in your hunting party will also receive a similar bonus regardless of their status. Additionally, this bonus stacks with other Patrons. It’s the perfect perk for slayers who plan to roll with a group of friends.


    Additionally, Patron Status imbues slayers with the Style Hunter perk. This perk gives vanity and customization items (which are usually found in Chroma Cores) a chance to drop from slain behemoths.


    Founder’s Banner Make an impression with this exclusive emote. You’ll be able to customize your banner with new elements as your legend evolves and always be able to show it off in style.


    Guild Charter: Start your own guild and establish your legacy.


    Game Credits: Become a part of Dauntless history. Add your name to the Dauntless credits, where you’ll live as one of the founding members of the game.

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