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Published September 4, 2015

According to the official Rocket League website patch 1.05 is due in 2 weeks or less. With this patch comes a bunch of fixes as well as additions to the game I’m sure all you soccer car nuts will enjoy. One of the highlights being that PC players can now filter out PS4 players. Kind of defeats the purpose of cross-play, but whatever. To each its own. Check out the full patch notes below.

You can finally search for a new ranked match at the end-game screen:
@RocketLeague via twitter
BTW, the 1.05 Update (available in 2 weeks or less) will add the “Find New Match” option to Ranked endgame screen (sorry it took so long)

PC players can filter PS4 players:
@RocketLeague via twitter
Fun Fact: When our next update hits (in two weeks or less), PC players will be able to filter PS4 players out of their matchmaking search

Usernames displayed as ********* will be fixed
@RocketLeague via twitter
@KrisVinesGames Yep. v1.05 will correct the issue that caused PC players to appear nameless to PS4 players following suspend/ resume

Broken textchat will still work after coming from suspend mode on PS4
@RocketLeague via twitter
@KrisVinesGames PS4 Text chat will properly work after suspend/ resume in v1.05 too

Season 1 finally starts with 1.05
@RocketLeague via twitter
@andreas0013 Season 1 will start with our next update

There will be a music player in the game to switch between the game’s music tracks
@RocketLeague via twitter
FUN FACT: Our next update (in two weeks or less) will add a music player interface to menu screens so you can cycle through the game’s tunes

Improved savegame corruption protection
@RocketLeague via twitter
@nategraphics Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do after the fact, but v1.05 will have improved corruption protection to help

Changes/improvements to Utopia will happen in 1.05 as well
@RocketLeague via twitter
@Ultimatetj Not in the very next one, no. But we will be making some updates/ fixes/ refinements/ changes to Utopia in there

And finally some non-patch related info:

Middle east servers will still come at some point (questioned on twitter):
@RocketLeague via twitter
@metchi_metchi Still TBD. Ran into some logistical snags with those. Still in the plans, though

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