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Published May 19, 2015

Elite Gaming LIVE is an after school program originally founded in Indianapolis in 2012. Schools provide a safe heaven after school for kids to compete in various games and events. Teams are formed and students are treated as “athletes”.

The only catch is the child has to have at bare minimum a C- average in school and no behavioral problems in class to participate. According to the trailer below this led to many students missing the first season, but ultimately motivated many more to get better grades and make the team. So it’s definitely something positive to take from this.EGL is looking to expand their program and are using IndieGoGo for crowdfunding. They want to bring this to as many schools as possible.

If I had to make one critique that could possibly hold this program back is the grades. I think they should bump up the grade eligibility to at least a B- for more parents to get on board. The older generation doesn’t understand the gaming culture, so If they want to be taken seriously on a national level I think grades could play a factor.

Either way I think this is cool stuff. The kids seem to be enjoying each others company and there’s a positive energy going on here. That’s what gaming is all about! Can’t be mad at that. If you want to donate to their IndieGoGo page click here.

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