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Published March 1, 2017

Xbox Pass is a new Netflix-like gaming service announced by Microsoft yesterday. Xbox pass will cost $10 a month. The fee will allow gamers to download (not stream) over 100 different games from the Xbox One & Xbox 360 library. Some claim this is Microsoft’s answer to Gamestop hogging the used games market.

The stock market is reflecting it too. Our informant told us “Following the announcement on Tuesday, shares in nationwide video game retail chain GameStop sunk roughly¬†8% to $24.44 per share.” So what does this mean for Microsoft & Gamestop? I’m not sure. It’s too early to be shouting R.I.P. Gamestop. The Stock market is a fickle pass. Things are always rapidly changing, so only time will tell if the Xbox Pass will have a long term effect on Gamestop’s used game sales.

What I do know is if you want to read up more on Xbox Pass, then you should click here.

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