Gamestop’s Stock Plummets After The Xbox Pass Announcement

  • alloyd1

    y’all should have mentioned how the xbox pass will be on win10

    • carnagewolf1

      It’s lit

    • No it won’t

      • alloyd1

        in the original source it says win 10

  • love to see them go out of business

  • they were never about the games

    • They used to be cool with trade ins and shit then they got greedy and started bullshittin

  • Terrence Green Jr.

  • I won’t be surprised if it successful and Sony will fix their PSNow stuff.

  • Will be bad though for us consumers cause then if only place ya can buy games is Xbox store then they can charge whatever prices they want and ya won’t be able to get them cheaper anywhere else

    • you’re joking right??? amazon and ebay sell used games cheaper than gamestop

    • I mean if micro soft closes down hard copy sales like they wanted too which they are heading this way they tried with release of Xbox one it blew up in there faces but seems like they are still heading that way won’t be just GameStop tgat suffers

      • Roland Blue

        Steam sales and humble bundles

    • Ur not thinking of bigger picture lol

    • If physical copies of games cease to be sold, the more likely outcome is that game prices would be cheaper because disk cases wont have to be printed and CDs won’t need to be pressed. And we’re only talking about GameStop here. Amazon will still sell physical games for a while. All digital is coming but not in the near future.

    • Have u not seen the prices for digital already compared too hard copies lol it make no sense but they are more expensive

    • Console peasants have always paid more for their games, if you want to save money build a mid range PC and buy all your games for 50-75% off and if that’s not cheap enough you can always pirate.

    • Inhad a pc prefer too play console exclusives lol

    • PC in a nut shell
      >1000 things that could mess up at any time
      >Builds become outdated every 2 months
      >Mouse is good but keyboard is the worst of all options for movement
      >Most current PC’s barely even do 480p 30fps (via steams released statistics)
      >Half of the games won’t work due to spec issues, driver issues, os issues,etc.
      >Mouse is just an easy out for people who lack the ability to go through learning curves
      >Cheaper games is the primary benefit but most of the time it’s not worth the effort.
      I play pc probably more than console but there’s no need to be biased. Sigh.

    • Yes it very expensive too keep up with latest tech at least console ur on equal terms as everyone else

  • fuck xbox build a pc break your chains of slavery peasants

    • Or you know get all 3 platforms. You’re the real peasant if you can’t 😂

    • No, you’re retarded & need mental help if you buy all 3. Fuck that.

    • I do have all all three, pc being the last system acquired. Im done with over hyped exclusives, my xb1 and ps4 will now collect dust.

    • unintentionalKrysis

      Or you could not limit yourself and get them all if you can so you can play game you want

    • No logical reason to get just any 1 format, other than affordability. Thinking PC is the be all, end all, absolute, is convoluted close minded thinking.

    • Or just doing well enough to afford all 3. You need mental help if you spend that much money on fake ice bruh lmfao 😂

    • Adding the few big generic sentence enhancers you know to your comment doesn’t make it true either ie: logical, convoluted, absolute, closed-minded. Get outa herrrreee

    • Your dumbass argument collapses in on its self bc i just stated i have every fucking system?

    • There are more than just xbox, ps4, and pc. You’re all close minded.

    • Carl Davis-Bey II

      How about you let people like their shit. Everyone should just shut up and play video games and stop being little bitches who are validated by what game system they play. They are all good. All have games. play the fucking games the way you wanna plat the fucking games..and shut the fuck up.

    • I’m also getting nintendo switch bruh chill.

    • Todd Fluhr

      PC huh…who makes your operating system again?

    • Steven Matthew Smith

      Haha slavery peasants??? I’ve got a $2500 pc along with an xbox one…why?…because I enjoy both so shut the fuck up fan boy. Go back to Wendy’s Dave Thomas.

  • Basedgold

    another day, another L Gamestop takes

    • carnagewolf1

      And I’m enjoying every day of it

  • Good

  • Brandon

  • TiciTotyTony47

    Gamestop will end up being another Blockbuster fam……

  • 12$ dollars for a new game to be returned

  • XD no it hasn’t. All the games on the pass are all the shit games they already try to sell.

  • Still gonna buy physical games. DL games for 10 a month, seems like a deal until you don’t have Internet for varying reasons, stop paying for whatever reason. Now you don’t have any games.

    • I 100% utilize the dl games. Ppl hate them, i love them. Play a game, sick of it? Push a button. New game achieved.

    • Oh I’m not against Digital games. It’s handy for inpatient and or if you have lil kids. I’m talking streaming or in this case temporary dl. No Internet? No game(most likely)

  • Stephanie

  • Good ,shit store let’s get some more small shops running like it used to be

  • Mr.3vilboss

    Gamestop is dying

  • Fuck rapestop anyway. 10 3day old games for $20? Die, bitches

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  • That’s OK their circle of life program is gonna phase out all of their employees internally anyway until the stores can’t stay open.

  • Good fuckin they steal so much from us consumers

  • Steven Matthew Smith

    Looks like I need to buy stock in Western Digital. Those portable hard drives are gonna fly off the shelves!

  • Mr. E

    If PlayStation and Nintendo follow suit (which you know they will) as they see XBox gaining ground at a rapid rate, then Game Stop should worry.