GameStop’s Most Requested Retro Gaming Consoles

  • Devyn Torrance

    Goddamn wish they threw a gamecube in there. Shiiiieeetttt.

    • WeeaboJones

      the Wii is better in every way why would want to have a GameCube when the Wii plays Wii and GameCube games???

      • Devyn Torrance

        Pure Nostalgia Mr. Jones. Pure Nostalgia.

        • WeeaboJones

          Damn u right

  • Gus StGermain

    So, are they gonna start selling in store or what? because they already sell some retro consoles and games online.

  • Bruh, they need to have a nice ass Playstation section. Fam, my ps1 games are hurt af. A nigga trying to throw hands in Tekken 3

  • Good thing I own 1-5 and 7. I use to have a OG game boy back in the day.