GameStop to pay $50 Extra For your consoles until Friday

  • Moor

    Yes! Now I can sell my xbox 360 to gamestop for 70$!!

  • Gus StGermain

    oh, so they stocking up for the holidays trying to flip these console’s

  • Demitri

    Fuck Gamestop

  • Issiah

    Gamestop the OG of Hustling giving out $50 to charge 300 to some sucker smh 💪👌Respect Gamestop i want no Beef

  • So $55 for my ps4…sweet.

  • Little did you know they dropped what they give by $50 a month ago

  • Dankey Kang

    Does this include handhelds? My Vita been dusty af the past year

  • Mr.3vilboss

    Should have put a picture of 3 ps vital lmao