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Published April 26, 2015

I’m going to get real in this article for a moment. Back in 2003, I joined my first gaming “clan” for the PC series Medal of Honor. A short month or two later we transitioned over to a hot, new up and comer called Call of Duty (you may have heard of it). It was when our group was part of this game that I met a guy who would end up becoming my best friend. What started off with shooting nazis had turned into big life events like me proposing to my now wife in his apartment he shared with his then girlfriend, and me being the best man at his wedding in later years.

Over the years we’ve played a ton of games because we were never boxed into one title for long after COD2 had its glory run with us. Well, one of those games we were addicted to was Guild Wars. This was, and still is, the only MMO I have played for any length of time. In more recent times, we spent a lot of time on Guild Wars 2 after its release. As pumped as we were about this game, for the life of us, we couldn’t convince his wife to give the game a shot. Well, after months, and months of pestering, we had finally done it! We convinced Alex, my friend’s wife, to give this game a go, and holy shit did she give it a go. She got quite heavy into the game, and eventually surpassed me in hours played and areas explored, which is saying a lot considering I had, at minimum, about a 3 month jump start. There were primarily just six of us who played together, three couples basically.

Well, here is where the title of the article comes into play. In December of 2013, my friends were set to have their first child, a baby boy. Due to some complications, she had her son a little earlier in the month than expected, and tragically she didn’t recover from those complications. In January of 2015, she passed away. It was devastating to all of us, as you can imagine, because at this point, we weren’t just friends, we were family.

Fast forward to September 2014. During this time, the Guild Wars 2 facebook page had posted an article about a feature they planned to implement in the game, a feature where they would make a shrine or memorial to gamers who made an impact on the game, and passed away in real life. We were just a guild of six people, so we didn’t really fit the bill of high profile in the game, and none of us had touched the game since her passing. But, my friend submitted his story and request anyway. We heard nothing about this aspect of the game again, and heard nothing about the request either… that is until last week, April 6th. On that day, Guild Wars 2’s facebook page made a post stating that they had added a memorial where you can visit Hiralyn, Alex’s character, and speak with her. I have always praised Arenanet for the amazing dev work they have put into the Guild War franchise, but with this move, they have been elevated to not even having a close second.

Never would I have guessed a dev team would take the time out of their day to touch the hearts of a six person guild. Most of us haven’t even been able to make it past the login screen until today. The GW2 community of gamers have also shown support in upwards of 1000 players with amazing comments, and screenshots of them paying respects in game. In the end, I would like to give a huge shout out to Guild Wars 2, and more specifically to Game design lead Mike Zadorojny, who was said to have worked on this in his spare time. The team behind GW2 has already shown they care about gaming by striving to make their title remain relevant, but now they have shown they care about their gamers and community outside of Tyria.


Note from the editor: I am terribly sorry that I didn’t get to this article sooner, as there have been few available to go through the pending section, until now. As soon as I confirmed that it was legitimate though, I had to post it. It inspired me, and I am truly sorry for your loss and am happy that she could be immortalized into one of her favorite games. This was an amazing story and one that I’m going to share with my own clans as well. Thanks for sharing.

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