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Published August 16, 2015

You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you shouldn’t judge an Anime by its first episode. Had my friend never forced me to finish episode one, I probably would have missed out on what is quickly becoming one of my favorite summer 2015 Anime, School-Live.

School-Live, known as Gakkou Gurashi in Japan, follows the daily life of Yuki Takeya and her adventures in Megurigaoka High School’s School Life Club. She is joined by Megu-nee, a teacher and club adviser, Yuri, the club‘s president, Kurumi, Miki, and Taromaru, a dog that the club is allowed to keep. Members of the School Life Club are not permitted to leave campus; therefore, they sleep at the school every night. It is the cutest and most hilariously lighthearted show I think I have ever recommended.

Or, at least that’s what I want to say.

Gakkou Gurashi is a show where perception is quintessential, and if you do not pay attention to even the smallest details you will be left shocked, and possibly heartbroken. The excitement of learning everything about the world and its story is absolutely thrilling! It is an engaging series that will have you rewatching previous episodes (or maybe just me). In fact, I have watched every episode, so far, more than once, and I will not be surprised if I find myself revisiting them once more.

In terms of art style, School-Live is adorable. The coloring and lighting is well executed, creating visually appealing scenes. Although the girls are all high schoolers, their designs make them appear to be younger. Even Megu-nee, the teacher, looks like she should be in middle school. Also the combination of this psychological thriller’s art style and presentation gives me a vibe similar to the one I got from 2011’s Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Underneath the cute exterior of the characters and intro lies a deeper, much darker story to be told. Things are not always as cute as they appear.

If you are looking for an engaging Anime to follow this season, School-Live is definitely a show to consider. Similarly, if you prefer to binge watch an entire series, do not allow this show to slip your radar once it is complete. For a series that is only six episodes deep so far, Gakkou Gurashi has gripped the minds and hearts of many Otakus, and I am totally hyped to see how the rest of the story will unfold! Of course, there is so much more I want to say, but I do not want to spoil any more than I feel I already have.

Instead, I will leave you with this: If you decide to give this anime a try, you must persevere through the first episode, especially if cutesy, lighthearted shows are not your cup of tea. Once you make it through, you will be introduced to one of the most interesting shows to come out this year.

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