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Published January 25, 2016

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. Remember that name! That’s the name of the brand that’s trying to bring us a new form of transportation. Well, it’s only new to the real world. We’ve seen something like this in the famous cartoon Futurama.

Remember the green tubes everyone in the city used? You’d step in, and it would push your body around to different locations.¬†Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is trying to bring it to the real world. According to our source the company is attempting to bring the first tube to California in the form of a 5-mile test track on the i5. The companies CEO gave this statement.

“This will be the world’s first passenger-ready Hyperloop system,” continued Ahlborn. “Everyone traveling on California’s I-5 in 2016 will be able to see our activities from the freeway.”

This should be interesting. Discuss it in the comments below.

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