Furious 7 Paul Walker Tribute Remade In GTA 5

  • Damon Ransom #Swavey

    That was pretty dope!

  • Payton McDowell

    Paul Walker was that dope? I just see him as a white guy who shouldn’t have drove too fast in real life.

    • Sean Walsh

      One of the stupider comments I’ve seen on this site considering the mixture of racism and getting the facts wrong.

      • Payton McDowell

        My opinion still stands on this topic.

        • BasedGodJr

          It’s because you made an ignorant statement. At the time of his death he wasn’t behind the wheel, making your “drove too fast” point invalid.

          • Payton McDowell

            Yay my point is invalid; have a nice day

    • steelers

      bitch the door

      • Payton McDowell

        I walked out after i made that comment. Too bad my ass didnt split.

  • LAxChaos

    RIP Paul Walker 🙁 This was dope

  • Lil Duck, Big Dick #BlvckSquad

    Captured on inferior gen console