Fullmetal Alchemist New Picture Warms My Heart

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  • The Depraved

    I want it to be good BLvCK i really do. However I can see this really turning into an Avatar the Last Airbender movie again.

  • FuutonNinja

    Hey blvck you said Edward and Elric, his brother’s name is Alphonse. Elric is their last name.

  • Kurigohan and Kamehameha

    You mean Edward and Alphonse

  • shit said edward and elric hold this L plz

  • Bl4kAce

    Blvk. You are far to optimistic.

  • Zach Payan

  • danielx707

    Although I am against whitewashing live action adaptations most of the time. The Elric brothers come from their universe’s version of Dublin. So I feel like atleast Ed should be white. But now that I say that all future live action versions of anime will start white people. Though I am excited for this.

  • If I gotta sit though another fucking Nina tucker moment I’m killing someone

  • Bruh, dbz evolution and the Japan Attack on Titan live action was to speak with you.

  • Will only watch the Japanese version.

  • thaelectricfeel

    Fingers crossed. I wonder how bad the homunculus will look tho.

  • Gus StGermain

    this shit about to be trash