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Published January 3, 2019

From Software the creators of Bloodborne and Dark Souls announced today that they have two new unannounced games in development per our source. During E3 last year, people thought that a Bloodborne 2 was coming but instead it was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice which is coming on March 22nd of this year.

Miyazaki did say these unannounced titles are brand new titles and not remasters, so one of them could very well be a sequel for Bloodborne. At the earliest, I would presume this year’s E3 could reveal one of them. At the latest, I would think TGS. Miyazaki said “We’ll need a little more time, but we’ll be able to tell everyone more about them once they take shape.”

What do you think the games could be? Are you demanding a sequel to Bloodborne?

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