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Published October 28, 2017

Dead by Daylight publisher Starbreeze works with Behaviour Digital to release the horror icon Freddy Krueger as the killer in the new A Nightmare On Elm Street chapter.

Players will get to wear the trademark bladed glove as a primary weapon. Freddy will poses a power called “Dream Demon” to allow Freddy to play a trick on Survivors while they fall asleep and become trapped in his forever-lasting nightmare.

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Quentin Smith is the newest survivor in the game, using energy drinks and pills to stay awake and avoid almost certain death. Quentin will battle Freddy at Badham Preschool. This is the place where Freddy became the Killer he is now.

This new chapter is available on Steam currently for $6.99 with the version for Xbox One and PS4 coming at a later date. The Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter Includes:

  • 1 New Killer + Perks and Power – Freddy Krueger
  • 1 New Survivor + Perks – Quentin Smith
  • 1 New Map – Springwood: Badham Preschool
 The Dead by Daylight website has more information on this and future add-ons in the works.
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