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Published June 1, 2018

Ever since Fortnite Battle Royale hit the scene, it took the gaming culture by storm! It went from being on the major platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4), to coming to mobile devices (Android, iOS). Now a new leak from our snitch shows what looks like the Nintendo E3 lineup. Included in the list is Fortnite coming to the Nintendo Switch.

We’ve been saying that as soon as Fortnite went to mobile, the Nintendo Switch is the last (and possibly best place) that it has to go to. Now this will most likely be a reality. Also listed on the leaked photo shows Dragon Ball FighterZ, Paladins, FIFA 19, and other games.

For Epic Games, this is only another win for them as they will have completed the video game gauntlet and will take over the world. I also wonder will the Switch allow for cross-play with any other platforms? Only time will tell next week.

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