Fortnite Beat PUBG To The Punch With The Battle Royale Fanbase

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  1. Edwin Graf Edwin Graf says:

    You literally put out an article 5 hours ago criticizing PUBG for pushing to consoles before finishing PC and then you 180 saying they need to get to consoles faster. Do you want quality games or a larger player base? Also, free to play at 7 million across 3 platforms versus 10 million at $30/piece on potentially the smallest platform isn’t really that impressive of a comparison anymore. As Donny boy would say, “Fake News!”

  2.' Damon Ransom #Swavey says:

    Just downloaded this, gonna jump on it tonight and see what’s sup with it.

  3.' Dolphinxv says:

    Played it, don;t intend on playing it for the long run. It’s just TOO casual, all 3rd person aiming unless you have a scope which I really don’t like. This game doesn’t appear to have longevity like PUBG does unfortunately

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