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Published March 24, 2017

The internet has been on fire this past week. Many feel betrayed by Bioware because Mass Effect didn’t meet their standards. The reviews don’t lie. Scores have been all over the place ranging from a 6 to an 8 of 10. I’d still encourage people to play the game for themselves because I personally believe things have been blown out of proportion, but that doesn’t change the fact that Bioware CAN DO BETTER. I’ll save that discussion for my review.

One of the main gripes people have had is how dead the characters look in the face. Seeing as Mass Effect is all about character development and conversations you can’t help but notice the faces. But what went wrong? Former Bioware employee Jonathan Cooper broke things down on Twitter. The short version of his explanation; Bioware had more on their plate than anticipated, but they had a deadline to meet. The long version of the story goes a little something like this

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