For Honor Will Be A Cross-platform War!

  • Solid Shepard

    Can’t say anything bad about cross-platform, it extends the life of a game with more people online. I just wish more developers and platforms (Looking at you Sony) would do it.

    • Dawg

      PS4 has been doing cross-platform before the One

      • Solid Shepard

        No I’m talking going triple cross-platform, I know PS4 is cross play with PC with a lot of games. And there was a big thing last year with Rocket League where it could’ve been Cross-platform between all three but Sony didn’t want to. But it seems they’ve resolved those issues so that’s good.

      • JINXHAND

        Honestly, you can say the 360 did it before PS4, and PS2 did it before that.

  • Male Sensitivity

    I doubt this will be cross-platform with PC, XB1, and PS4. That would be a first.

    • Jacob Avarice

      FF14 is cross platform between XB1, PC, and PS4 so it isn’t a first for a game and it has been shown to work.

      • Geraldo de Rívia

        FF14 is PC/PS4 only, because it doesn’t have a XB1 version. But yeah, it works great.

        • Wesley de Jong

          Exactly, FF14 could have come to XB1 but Microsoft demanded an option to be able to play on an XB1-only server. So bye bye FF14 on XB1

  • Issiah

    Its a cool idea but to unite the big 3(XB1 Sony PC) in one server sound to good to be tru….but i guess its a reason they announced online only i swear if they only show the STATS between the Big 3 imma find me a Ubisoft executive nd kill the Nigga😂😂💀

    • Ubisoft insider

      That’s what it is

  • TiciTotyTony47

    Knights: PC
    Samurai: PS4
    Vikings: Xbox One

  • Demitri

    They keep saying faction, faction, faction. Maybe its just a leaderboard thing like “between the 3 platforms, samurai control x amount of land” or whatever

  • Ratede91

    Calm down, the only cross platform play is the stats

  • Gus StGermain

    I refuse to believe this untill I see it first hand

  • Ubisoft Insider

    Guys. It’s not cross platform in the sense that you get to play against other consoles. The Faction War aspect (similar to Mortal Kombat) is the only thing that is cross platform. It’s just a metagame and honestly Ubisoft is just trying to make a quick buck selling this game claiming it’s cross platform when it’s not what you guys expect.

    • Athenril

      yeah i can vouch for that I bought this game for my xbox because my brother really enjoyed the game play footage and trailers. then since we both enjoyed the game so much and there was no couch multiplayer (2 people playing the same game on the same consul via split screen, pretty much the only reason we even own a consul in the first place) we read about the game online and caught those two words which seemed so awesome, cross platform. I bought the game for my pc and we set out making friends on our ubisoft accounts and trying to set up a 1v1 between us, only to finally discover that it wouldn’t work. After hours of serious research we eventually learned to our extreme disappointment that It was not in fact a cross platform multiplayer game.
      I am simply posting this story here to vent my extreme displeasure at yet another good game forcing players to purchase two identical gaming systems to enjoy it with a person who is physically sitting right next to you. I did not get a refund for my pc game because I also enjoy playing it but shame, shame on you. This needs to be rectified at once.