Footage From A Canceled Marvel Game

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  1.' Sean Walsh says:

    “Marvel gaming” dang MWN havin a stroke? haha nah this could have been pretty cool although I’m still waiting on my huge roster free-roam Marvel game (a realistic version of Lego Marvel more or less) and a Marvel version of Injustice.

  2. All I want is another ultimate alliance or xmen legends game

  3.' Tyrek Ashton says:

    I can see why it was never released.

  4.' Eli Athouris says:

    i like the idea of a semi open world fighter with an environment that can be destroyed like that.

  5.' casjwell says:

    Can we just get another Marvel Ultimate Alliance or X-men Legends? I’m pretty sure since Marvel has Disney money they can free Raven Studio’s from the clutches that is ACTIVISION.

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