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Published April 8, 2017

Developer Raven Software and publisher Activision released X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (2005) for multiple platforms which is set after the events of the original X-Men Legends and has the original mutant supervillain Apocalypse as the main antagonist.

Where the first game succeeded, the sequel picked up the ball and ran with it, gaming critics all over gave the game great reviews and myself personally being a huge fan of the x-men legends games agreed that this is one of the best marvel games of all time.

X-Men Legends II is an action RPG, using the top down view in the process. It allows four players to play at once or you can go at it alone being able to use all four characters.

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The plot begins with the X-Men and Magneto’s Brotherhood unwillingly joining forces after learning that Professor X had been abducted by Apocalypse. During your quest you fight your way through the Savage Land, military prison and also in Egypt.

During the course of the game, you are able to level up by way of attaining xp and skill points to use in order to enhance certain abilities. You can also do X-Men trivia, access biographies of all characters and cinematics before and after each mission.

If you still have your Gamecube, Xbox or PS2 lying around and haven’t already played this game, it is actually worth purchasing if you can find it. One of those games that you can take your time with, but if you’re an action RPG fan like i am, you may end up finishing this game in one sitting as it can be pretty addictive trying to get the right combination of characters on your team assembled for the fight. An all time favorite of mine.

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