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Published March 24, 2017

Anyone who was a wrestling fan during the height of its popularity, the N64 had some of the best games for the genre of all time and WCW / NWO Revenge was an incredible game.

Released in 1998 and developed by THQ, this was the sequel to World Tour with additions and tweaks to the game. The roster size was unlike any other wrestling game of its kind at the time. Showing quick replays after a big move, the ability to steal your opponent’s finisher and having actual arenas such as Starrcade, Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc was also something that had been innovative.

The gameplay was pretty simple and satisfying at the same time. You never really felt cheated while going against the A.I. or other players taking advantage of cheap tactics. Going back to the roster, they’re separated into groups or factions such as:

  • NWO Black and White
  • NWO Black and Red
  • WCW 1-4
  • Raven’s Flock
  • EWF (Generic Japan Promotion)
  • DAW (Generic Japan Promotion)

Now with about 64 wrestlers in the game (minus Ric Flair as he was fired from WCW at the time),  and also have the ability to unlock characters as you progress in the game without paying for them (imagine that), there’s plenty to do and they also championship modes where you could run a gauntlet to capture the World Heavyweight Championship, US Title, TV Title, and Tag Team Championship.

Revenge also won the 1998’s Fighting game of the Year by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and even selling nearly 2 million copies. If you have an N64 and don’t have this game, do yourself a favor and check this one out.

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