Five Nights At Freddy’s Frightening Fan Film

  • MF DecepticonSwag

    Thanks for sharing this MWN and this was legit creepy. I’m not a fan of scary movies at all however, if the movie is anything like this or better I just might have to see it. I have like a legit fear of dummies or animatronics. I can thank chuck e cheese for that

  • Yuppol_nigga

    Hell, this might look better than the movie that the Warner Bros are working on.

  • Michy Crystal

    Most peopel say the game is shit because of the graphics and the fact you cant move and well the cheapass jumpscares. What they need to focus on is the lore and the mystery behind this game thats why it has no much fans not just 12 year olds but real fans if you get into the lore of this game u will love it.