First Screenshots Of The Attack On Titan Game

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  1.' Deon says:

    How the hell can Attack on Titan get the Dynasty Warriors treatment? I don’t wanna see no mini Titans to just beat up with ease.

  2.' Muttley says:

    This game isn’t gonna be good.

  3.' MattOmega says:

    Still has potential, unless they make Eren titan shifting a major gameplay point, then it really does become Dynasty Warriors since everyone is the same size.

  4.' ZephySB says:

    Idk man, Koei Tecmo did state that it’s not a warriors game. If that holds true then the I only thing that I could possibly be worried about is the swing mechanics. I don’t want them to be swing off empty space and I just don’t want it to be as terrible as the AOT game for the 3DS where every attack is just QTE’s.

  5.' Blank says:

    It was already mentioned that this game isn’t a warriors style game. You guys were also ignorant of Koei Tecmo’s other published games like the Atelier series. Also in a recent interview they said they were working on the 3D maneuver gear. They said that they are making it so that players could look like Levi.

    1.' ShadowXSasuke says:

      KT doing something good and different…….. Seems shady.

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