The First Official Defenders Trailer Is 🔥

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  • John Legend

    I’d fuck Jessica Jones tbh my guy

  • LAxChaos

    Its lit boys, Im more hype to see this than Justice League haha

    • Ron Jeremy

      Chaos leaving comments with his Lil sexy ass 😚😚

  • Trails Of Ty

    This nigga said blind ninja lmaoo. I can’t wait

  • Luke Cage actually did what we’ve all wanted to do throughout the entire series….smack dafaq outta Iron Fist lame ass.


    Holy shit! 🔥🔥

  • Nice

  • ItsLeviathan

    Watching Daredevil and Jessica Jones to get ready for this.

  • BiG CAM

    Iron Fist should’ve ended with him and Jessica Jones teaming up to stop the company and Jessica taking the downfall which will lead to the opening scene in the trailer.