First Look At The New Animated Spider-Man Show

  • BiG CAM

    This show looks ass, from the character development to the art. Why tf does Peter have scruffy hair and is a complete buffoon? They should’ve just gave Spectacular Spiderman another season

  • LegendofSquanto

    What’s funny is that this was supposed to be an improvement over Ultimate Spider-Man. Whoever is script supervisor needs a back slap. Art style look alright, I can see they’re trying to be Voltron. But holy crap does the animations rigs and background design suck major ass. A review already came out last week giving it a 4/10. I truly hope the people at Marvel Animation hear the feedback.

  • Noob

    looks like a newgrounds animation lol

  • yazuko

    This show is hot garbage, I saw the episode and I was wondering if this was made by high school students or some shit.