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Published July 24, 2018

Last year was the first time Madden included a story mode. With the success of 2K’s MyCareer and FIFA’s campaign, it was only a natural transition. Last years campaign was called The Long Shot and it featured a college drop out looking for a second chance in the NFL. He’s recruited to a reality tv show called The Long Shot where the winner would win a CHANCE to be drafted thanks to all the exposure.

I haven’t played Madden since Madden 05 (HATED THE QB VISION) and I honestly only played Madden 18 because I got a free copy, but it wasn’t bad. I completed the campaign and I enjoyed it for what it was. The response must have been strong from the community because Madden 19 will feature a follow-up story to last years featuring the same characters and where they are at in life. A bit of gameplay was released. Check it out and let us know what you think below.


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