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Published September 4, 2018

Even if Battlefield 5 is struggling in preorders DICE and EA must keep trucking on! They must not let the big bad Black Ops 4 defeat them this year! So they pushed back the game to polish it further. While we wait for it that means we’ll get more trailers to tease us. This latest trailer they dropped focuses on a multitude of things.

What stands out most is them teasing their Battle Royale mode finally. If you fast forward to the 1:06 mark of the trailer you’ll get to see what I’m talking about. The mode is called Firestorm and 16 teams of 4 will duke it out in what they’re claiming to be the biggest map in Battlefield history! An open beta is going down September 6th, so be sure to check the game out for free if you haven’t played yet.


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