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Published May 11, 2017

Dynasty 9 may be the title of the new game, but the reality is if we’re counting all it’s empire editions and spin-off titles, then this is actually the 9000th Dynasty Warriors game. Not too many games live this long, so clearly they’re doing something right. I’m sure many of you are curious to know what they’ll be doing in the 9th installment to keep things fresh and today we have some idea.

According to the plug, Dynasty Warriors 9 will be adopting the open-world format. “Players will experience Musou action in world of Three Kingdoms-era China that stretches from one end of the land to the other.” The game will feature one big map and each region will have its own distinct look and weather. They promise stages 10will evolve. I’m just curious to know what that framerate will be like in the open world. Also what does “evolve” mean? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, peep the first screenshots below.

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