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Published March 4, 2017

Developer Suda 51 and Spike Chunsoft showed a 10 second teaser with two Japanese wrestler use the EXACT collar and elbow tie up used in the popular game series and it appears that the new game will be titled: Fire Pro Wrestling World.  There’s been a lot of fans asking for another Fire Pro game to come to PC and modern day consoles, the last game from the franchise was back in 2012 on xbox 360 but that game wasn’t authentic, using an xbox 360 avatar themed wrestler and over the top moves.

The Fire Pro series started back in the 1995 and pretty much went silent after the release of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns in 2005. Many of you may not be familiar with the game and when you originally look at it, the game isn’t graphically appealing but if you’re a long time fan of wrestling (especially the Japanese strong style), then you will love it. The moves are top notch, you can change the rules and the customization of the actual wrestlers are second to none, everything from the ring, the rules and the referee (some will turn a blind eye to you using illegal tactics) just to name a few. They’ve never had the license to use actual wrestlers so they’ve always had knock off versions that you can customize to be EXACTLY like that wrestler. Back in 2005’s Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (PS2), you were able to download rosters from every promotion with over 500 wrestlers past and present with their names, gear and move sets to boot.

Hardcore fans will adore this game if it stays true to form like it appears they will, not sure the casual wrestling fan will get it right away kind of like i was back on the dreamcast when i received Fire Pro Wrestling D some years ago. This stiff, grapple-based wrestling game is a break from the norm ala WWE games and takes you back to a place where graphics were secondary to gameplay and fun factor.

This series has a HUGE following including myself and it appears that it will be available for steam early access sometime this year, no word yet on if it is coming to console yet and if it does, hopefully it isn’t a Nintendo switch exclusive.

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