Fire Emblem Warriors Is Another Dynasty Warrior Spin Off

  • Still waiting on my Mushroom Kingdom Warriors game.

  • Shadow Cat

    I’d cop Fire Emblem Warriors since I love games like that. They did announce a Fire Emblem for the Switch but only said it was in the making.

  • Damon Ransom #Swavey

    Not enough to make be buy a switch

  • I didn’t even like dynasty warriors 16 years ago and in that item there has been many clones, why is fighting waves of brain dead enemies fun to anyone? Even zombies have more personality.

  • Can I get another Gundam one?!

  • Mr. Jim

    Only if I can play as Ike. And I think that was Ike in the trailer. I am already gonna get a switch, so this is more of a plus.

  • including the point that the former Switch exclusive is stolen by the industry scrounger – the 3DS.

  • Gus StGermain

    I can’t fuck with the warriors games there just so simple and repetitive

  • Vincent

    Someone please save Fire Emblem from Nintendo.

  • Dawg

    Basically just another Hyrule Warriors. No thanks.