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Published February 8, 2017

One thing that pisses me off about YouTube is personas. The site WAS suppose to be about “You”, but once people figured out, they could exploit their audience pretending to be someone they’re not, things went downhill. Its something we’d often discuss on Gi Rants, but most our audience dismissed us as haters.

Then 2016’s Gamble Gate broke, and the public finally started to understand what we were talking about. Big names like Tmartn & Prosyndicate caught cases for running illegal gambling sites that they peddled to their kid audience. It would seem karma finally caught up to one FIFA Youtuber who goes by Nepenthez.

Nepenthez ran an online FIFA coin gambling site which got him caught up in all this drama. He claims he was innocent, but the courts said otherwise. He plead guilty to his charges & now has to pay £91,000k/$113,730USD in fines to avoid jail time. How did he lose the case?

According to the plug, “evidence was found suggesting Douglas inaccurately advertised himself, through his videos, using the site and winning thousands of pounds. He also did not mention that he was the owner of the site.”

So now that it’s been proven he lied and scammed children, I wonder if the YouTube community will continue to support him? What do you think? Feel free to sound off in the comment below.

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