FIFA YouTuber Pleads Guilty To Gambling Charges

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  1.' Gekko Takahata says:

    These dudes sicken me. They’re essentially stealing from kids as if pulling this stunt off the first time isn’t bad enough. I only hope the youth learn from these losers and don’t try some slick shit like this when they grow up.

  2. BeanSauce says:

    His charges should included the suspension of his account. He’s playing off of kid’s innocence and basically robbing them. Get this man outta here.

  3.' TiciTotyTony47 says:

    Fucking scumbag 😐 he gonna get it in the butt in the joint.

  4.' BiG CAM says:

    Yes! Now if we can just get Tmartn and Syndicate in court…

  5.' unintentionalKrysis says:

    From what I heard he also said it don’t matter how old you is because it’s not real money

  6.' Jose Arellano says:

    There’s always gonna be kiss ass subscribers who will stick with him

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