Fantastic Four Show Off Their Powers in New Promo!

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  1.' casjwell says:

    I like how fox isn’t dropping hella trailers for this film. I hope it does good.

    1. Malaiko says:

      I hope its good too but I doubt it lol

      1.' casjwell says:

        So far my only gripe is Dr. Doom besides that I’m down with the fact that it looks more believable.

        1. Malaiko says:

          The movie still doesn’t look good to me but I’ll try and keep an open mind. But yeah its looking like they got D. Doom all wrong in this movie but we’ll see.

  2.' AllThingsFre$h says:

    Carl the realest nigga in this trailer. That boy got the power of the HUSTLE.

    1. Malaiko says:

      Hell yeah, he’s the real MVP.

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