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Published November 25, 2015

Before this year’s Fantastic Four reboot was ever released, a sequel was greenlit to release in 2017. Fox obviously had high hopes for this potential franchise. After the film’s disastrous turn at the box office, where it couldn’t even make $200 million, and after being panned by critics and fans alike, Fox may have given up on any potential sequel.

Box Office Mojo reports that Fox has taken the Fantastic Four sequel off of its schedule. Originally, the film was supposed to release on June 9, 2017, but now it does not have a release date.

In order for Fox to retain the film rights to the Fantastic Four characters, the studio must keep making films based on them.If not, then the rights will revert back to Marvel. Interestingly, this news comes a month after rumors surfaced (and were immediately shot down) that Marvel would be getting the back the film rights to these characters. Coincidence? Maybe.

And to the five people who actually enjoyed the film, well, I’m sorry about this news.

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