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Published August 2, 2015

The cast of Fantastic Four is on their media run promoting the movie like any other day, however,this interview in Atlanta took a turn for the creepy weird fetish side. Jason Bailey, the interviewer, the first awkward question he asked was, “Am I missing something?” Bailey asks. “You’re white and you’re black. How does that happen?” The answer is Sue Storm was adopted, but the awkward questions didn’t end there. Rickman, another person interviewing the Fantastic Four cast asked Kate Mara, Sue Storm in the movie, “You’re way way hot. Why’d you cut the hair?” She replies with a chuckle and says, “You don’t like it, I can tell,” she says. “This is a great interview.” Of course she said that sarcastically. There was more banter about her hair, but the worst of the interview somehow got to this point where Rickman admits his fetish by saying, “I’m a toe guy,” he says, pointing to Mara’s feet. “Your toes are fine.” After that the weird, awkward, and painful interview it was cut short before the possible questions about name brand lube used and what color nipple clamps. Needless to say that was a bad interview.

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