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Published January 9, 2019


    Marvel’s Spider-Man is going to be getting some kind of Fantastic 4 content according to Marvel’s recent Fantastic Four week live stream. Timestamp 1:55:03. The Marvel team isn’t being allowed to give us much information just yet as host Penagos states “Something fantastic is coming to Marvel’s Spider-man real soon” and soon after he says ” I can’t tell you anything more right now because Tim will probably hurt me.” 

    As far as what the content is we have no earthly idea. This could go from a couple of new suits to an entire new DLC storyline since the ” City that Never Sleeps” DLC trilogy just ended last month. I’m personally looking for a Bombastic Bag Man suit to feed my inner troll. What do you wish to see Marvel’s Spider-Man bring to the game in the near future.


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