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Published October 11, 2017

Ubisoft definitely sticks to their formula when it comes to their franchises. Before Assassin’s Creed Origins hits store shelves on October 27th, a trailer dropped revealing what type of DLC and Season Pass content you can expect if you decide to shell out the extra cash.

If you decide to get the Season Pass/Gold Edition, you can expect the expansion called The Curse Of The Pharaohs. This DLC opens a new region and has Bayek fighting mythical creatures. The second DLC is called The Hidden Ones which is set years after the original Origins story. Bayek will be in the middle of Roman forces and rebel factions. You will also have access to the Roman Centurion and Horus customization packs.

Ubisoft isn’t locking everything behind a paywall this time as they have free content as well post-launch. The first challenge is called The Trail Of The Gods which pits you against Egyptian Gods. Nomad’s Bazaar features daily missions that will net you some rare gear in your travels. Horde Mode and The Discovery Tour are also in the works.

Are you going to take your chance with Assassin’s Creed Origins this year?

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