Evo 2018 Lineup

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  1. Moses Moses says:

    Lookin like fighterz took marvels place

  2.' Anon says:

    Melee is good

  3. David Liverman Shemar White

  4.' OVO_Flow says:

    Can’t drop Melee, still has one of the highest amounts for attendance.

  5.' ssx3000 says:

    Maximillan Dood said it best, SSBM makes WAYYYY too much money for them at EVO. While yes having TWO SSB games at EVO is ridiculous, numbers never lie. People still come to see SSBM and it will stay until they can’t make money anymore. MvCI didn’t sell well and that roster was mediocre at best. I own a copy of the game and even I miss the X-Men characters, not having Asura from Asura’s Wrath or Akuma was a letdown, and its disappointing. On the flip side, shout out to Arksys by having two and a half (DBFZ) games making EVO. They doing the damn thing!

  6. Zeke Bower ayyy we can get it

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