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Published April 3, 2020

While most of us are waiting to get our hands on the upcoming free-to-play fps game by Riot Games called Valorant, Let’s go over some important details about the game.

Riot Games is focusing more on gameplay than graphics for this game which means more people will be able to play even without a strong PC. At first glance, The game looks very similar to CSGO but plays more like a hero shooter like Overwatch since players will have abilities that change the way you play. After selecting which agent you will play as for the match then you will have a chance to buy weapons, armor, and abilities from the store like CSGO. The matches are the best of 25 rounds and you switch sides from offense to defense once you play through the first 12 rounds.

Valorant has tons of customization content to unlock for the agents that include sprays, gun skins, player cards, and other fun things. All of this can be earned through the character progression while playing your favorite agents in the game. If you played any other Riot Games like League of Legends, Then you will know that they are 2 different types of currency which one of them you can earn in-game and the other you can pay for to buy cosmetic items like gun skins and even death animations. Valorant has done the same but buying these items is just for looks and not a way to gain an advantage while playing the game.

Check out the video below that 100 Thieves did which goes more in-depth on what to expect from Valorant like the training mode, economy, and gameplay. What excited you most about Valorant?

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