Everything We Learned From The Destiny 2 Reveal Stream

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  • night

    I knew y’all niggas was gone try to come shit on it.

    • The Black Hokage

      How do I shit on the game? Did you read the article sir?

    • RageManT

      Ha ha ha how?!

  • Gamerazor247

    Damn, pretty amazing how Earth is a brand new world, huh?
    Seriously though, this honestly looks like a glorified Expansion, there better be some new fucking classes, broham, I swear

    • GodWearsGucci

      I’m guessing you haven’t seen the live stream if you did you wouldn’t be asking that question.

      • Gamerazor247

        Dont worry, I did. I was honestly getting annoyed by their corny, nervous ass presenters, so I was multitasking.

  • GodWearsGucci

    I agree with this analysis. To me (a destiny fan since the taken king) this shit made my day. The visuals, the references, weapons, SUPERS and CUTSCENES was personally the greatest thing about the live stream. But to be others I feel they thought it was ok. I’m hoping this is as great as the gameplay trailer because Jesus I can’t stop watching it.

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal Good post. Lots of facts here and your right they did cater more to the fans. I will be pre ordering.


    Even though I played Destiny 1 until the newest dlc, Destiny 2 unfortunately looks like a very well polished dlc about the same enemy type from the first one. Unimpressed…

  • RageManT

    I’m going to wait for some reviews and a little bit more gameplay before I buy this game, everything looks awesome, don’t get me wrong. I mean, that one lady with that energy shield looked dope AF. However there wasn’t enough here for me to fully commit. Also the guy presenting the game…..corny af, lol and the crowed full of neck beards lmao, lol never mind that. I’ll give it a chance.

  • ArmoredWind

    In regards to your note that says “All PvP activities are now 4v4” that is not what was said, he said they will now be including 4v4 in the PvP modes since before they had 2v2 3v3 and then 6v6 modes but no in between.

    • asstastixe

      I was about to say, that would’ve been weird for only 4v4 PvP. Thanks for clarifying