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Published April 13, 2020

ESRB announced today that they are taking on microtransactions. I’d imagine companies like 2K, EA and Activision are sweating right now! The reason being is the ESRB is now requiring these companies to list what types of microtransactions are in their games. This includes things like Lootboxes, card packs, wheel spins ect. They’re referring to these practices as “interactive elements” according to our informant. The ESRB released this public statement;

“According to research, parents are far more concerned about their child’s ability to spend real money in games than the fact that those in-game purchases may be randomized,” the group said. “This data helped to inform the introduction of the In-Game Purchases Interactive Element. That being said, since adding the In-Game Purchases notice to ratings assigned to physical games many game consumers and enthusiasts (not necessarily parents) have reached out to us asking the ESRB to include additional information to identify games that include randomized purchases.”

Hopefully, parents use this extra info to inform themselves before making purchases for their kids.

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