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Published August 2, 2017

Epic has released the full details on their MOBA Paragon version 42 which is slated for August 8th. Included is a COMPLETE overhaul of the card system, the addition of gems, character stat reworks, the first hero rework starting with Iggy & Scorch, and affinity changes.

Starting with the cards, pretty much everything you know will be no more. There are 100 new cards that will be used UNIVERSALLY for any hero you want. This means you could have an almost infinite number of combinations that can be used for multiple heroes, and you will not be limited by affinity since any hero can use any infinity.

Adding to the cards are gems, which will allow you to further level up your character to your playstyle. The gems are as follows:

  • Agility – Ranged Basic attacks fire additional projectiles each dealing 80% Damage (Great for ADC and Casters)
  • Vitality – Gain up to 42 attack speed based on your missing health (Great for Melee heroes)
  • Intellect – Block the next Enemy Ability (Great for Support)

There are now 5 affinities to choose from which are:

  • Growth
  • Knowledge
  • Order
  • Death
  • Chaos

Cards can be leveled up by collecting duplicates. Level your cards up to level 10 to unlock the foil version to show off.

Iggy & Scorch had a complete rework and is a viable character in Agora once again. Here is an overview below and some gameplay by RGSACE

      Other than that, you can check out the Full release notes here¬†for everything coming next Tuesday. I will play a few matches before I give my full opinion on it, but I’m hoping this is the fix we needed for this MOBA


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