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Published April 29, 2019

As Epic Games churns along with their most successful game to date Fortnite, yet another person is preparing to sue the company over likenesses. This time it’s a saxophonist named Leo Pellegrino, who is known for giving his fans a good show when he plays. The reason why he’s suing is because Fortnite added an emote called Phone It In. This emote has you playing the saxophone and doing some crazy dance moves.

According to our source, the filing for the claim says that no other saxophonist does these moves, and Epic sought to exploit his likeness and signature movement for profit in Fortnite. Even funnier about this claim is Leo P is represented by the same firm who is fighting Epic on other lawsuits (Alfonso Ribeiro, 2 Milly, etc.). With the other people not getting any ground on their claims, I don’t think Leo P will be the one to crack through. We will keep you updated on the latest claim.

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