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Published September 15, 2018

Eminem was tired of people talking bad about his name so he went at people in his recent album Kamikaze. One of those people was MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) and MGK went at Eminem with a diss song after the release of Kamikaze.

Eminem now responds with his own diss track and it was the talk of the internet yesterday of how he went at not only MGK but how he brought up some other names as well. People now wait to see if he goes at Joe Budden the real reason we are watching closely to any disses Eminem drops, He does tease that something is still coming for Joe Budden so we will see. For now, Go aheadĀ and check out the diss track Killshot below and tell us what you think. Did he destroy MGK or could he had done better?


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