EA Will Not Be Following The COD Route With Battlefield

  • TJ

    “We’ll just keep spamming Madden and FIFA.”

  • helloimlazer

    Good on them they know when to cool it hopefully it’ll bring fresh new ideas and gameplay mechanics to the upcoming bf game. As far as battlefront goes. More content, better light saber battles and alot more heroes and villains maybe content from the newest star wars movies, i don’t remember seeing it in the first one but I’d like to be able to customize my storm trooper or my rebel and they’d each have different weapons like battlefield hardline. No dlc crap either i just want a great current gen star wars title.

  • Thats pretty much the standard though. They released bf3, then worked on medal of honor warfighter, then bf4, then battlefront.

  • So basically this is proof that they know they are milking the hell out of cod but won’t do it to battlefield

  • Bizz

    That’s why I like Battlefield. I’m not pressured into buying a new game every year and their old games keep getting server support and stay fresh for a long time. I used to be a big fan of COD but dropped it after BOP 1.

  • Good, wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep up with Battlefield and CoD. Lol!

  • Can we get some bf4 update going on. Bf1 is boring

    • Trigger_Tre

      Play titanfall2

  • Can we get some bf4 update going on. Bf1 is boring

    • kurojoss

      Boring? The fuck are you playing TDM? Get on 64 man Operations.

  • Jeremy Barnett