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Published December 1, 2016

There was an investor briefing in Europe today, and Blake Jorgensen talked about plans for Battlefield and Battlefront.

The EA Exec confirmed there won’t be another Battlefield game for at least two years. He believes that to further engage players there might be an EA Sports Ultimate Team model introduced to the series.

“It’s not just about building another game. If we can build another stream of revenue that’s high-profit, it’s highly accretive to the overall company,” Jorgensen explained.

As far as Battlefront is concerned, Jorgensen wanted future titles to focus on content from new movies. Currently, Battlefront is the only Star Wars title EA is working on and it shipped “key word” 14 million copies to become one of the best-selling games in Star Wars history.

Battlefront 2 might be dropping fall 2017 at the earliest, so we’ll keep track on future developments.

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