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Published November 13, 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBF2) is supposed to drop on the 17th of this month and all would be going well for EA had they not been up to their old tricks. Fans found out that even if you purchase the $80 version of the game it will be pay to win. It’s being reported that it will take up to 40 hours to unlock some heroes like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, the in-game currency is complicated and convoluted, and ultimately loot crates will plague the game as desirable characters and weapons are locked behind loot crates or long non-practical hours of game time. This led EA to issue a response on Reddit which is now the most downvoted comment in Reddit history and it reads:

The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes.
As for cost, we selected initial values based upon data from the Open Beta and other adjustments made to milestone rewards before launch. Among other things, we’re looking at average per-player credit earn rates on a daily basis, and we’ll be making constant adjustments to ensure that players have challenges that are compelling, rewarding, and of course attainable via gameplay.
We appreciate the candid feedback, and the passion the community has put forth around the current topics here on Reddit, our forums and across numerous social media outlets.
Our team will continue to make changes and monitor community feedback and update everyone as soon and as often as we can.

Now from a consumer perspective, the biggest problem about the SWBF2 is that it’s a full priced game yet has a free to play business model which encourages gamers to purchase in-game content rather than work for it due to how long the grind would be. Rightfully so what’s the point of me paying for $60+ for a game to only be told it would take almost two full days of gameplay time to unlock one character or I could just take out my credit card and purchase some loot crates. Oh yeah they dropped a new trailer for their pay to win game.

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