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Published November 16, 2019

When your companies focus is on microtransactions and DLC it’s easy to miss when you’re not developing a solid base product. I’d be a liar to sit up here and act like I didn’t have some fun with Anthem. The core Iron Man gameplay was cool to me, but I would also be a liar if I didn’t say it needed more time in the oven. Everything outside the gameplay seemed like an afterthought. Post-launch Anthem went through hell and back thanks to all the negative coverage.

It would seem EA and Bioware are tired of being ragged on because they’re gearing up for their redemption arc. According to our informant, Bioware has been working on a complete overhaul of the game. It’s being referred to as Anthem 2.0 or Anthem Next. Rumors claim Bioware plans to take a look at things such as loot, quests, and social elements. Informants claim they also want to redefine what a mission is and make it so players don’t have to return to Fort Tarsis after every mission. Apparently EA isn’t playing because not only are Bioware’s Edmonton, Alberta and Austin’s teams working on this, but also non-Bioware teams at EA have been called in for reinforcements.

We’ve seen anything is possible after The Taken King. People forget Destiny was mediocre at launch too, so I won’t rule out a comeback for Anthem. I just hope they don’t charge people who already own Anthem for this update. If you guys want to make money then drop some dope skins with Anthem 2.0 and make the update free. That way if people really rock with it; they’ll spend the money.


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  1. I wonder if they can pull a “no man’s sky” off and bring the players back.

  2. I can’t wait for anthem 2 game is cool but it does get pretty redundant after a while I want new boss fights and story expansions

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