EA Offers close to $2 Billion to acquire Take-Two

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  1. Kasim Moore Kasim Moore says:


  2. Ultra Microtransactions

  3. Soooo, they can’t beat 2K, so now they want to buy them out? Along with Rockstar? 2K I can actually understand, but we don’t need Rockstar having EA bad business practices.

  4. @UTxJGTheDon Ain’t no competition if you buy the competition

  5. Stone Jones Stone Jones says:

    How tf they expect to buy Take Two with only 2 Bill, lol

  6. Nah they ain’t gonna take that that was the budget for GTA V alone

  7. No no no! You don’t get to fuck up GTA

  8. nooooooo god nooooooo

  9. Swaying. Swaying. says:

    Fuck no that’s crazy they gonna fuck the whole gaming industry up

  10. Aaron Nobles Aaron Nobles says:

    I’m good luv enjoy

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