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Published September 26, 2017

After the disappointment that was Star Wars Battlefront, I was completely hesitant to give Star Wars Battlefront 2 a try. That was until they revealed the full trailer of what to expect in the new title developed by DICE.

Battlefront 2 looks to make up for everything that was lacking in Battlefront. Along with an overdue Single Player mode if you don’t want to go completely online, the multiplayer has been fully expanded. The multiplayer is now class-based and contains 5 different multiplayer modes: Starfighter Assault, Galatic Assault, Blast, Strike, and Heroes Vs. Villians. Galactic Assault looks to be the closest to full-on air to ground combat like the true Battlefront fans remember. There is still no confirmation if you can fully go from ground to space from the trailer, but I really hope you can!

If you want to pick this up, it will be available on November 17th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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