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Published December 4, 2017

This will definitely be a huge topic until the next big game rolls around. EA has been blasted for seemingly this entire year due to their unsatisfying system of loot crates in the majority of their games, with the main one being Star Wars Battlefront 2. Now leading up to¬†The Last Jedi coming to theaters next week, DICE posted a blog¬†explaining what’s coming.

Major changes include end-of-round payouts. People have been complaining that what you do during the match doesn’t translate to the number of credits you earn at the end of the match. Now the payouts have been increased, and the top players will earn even more credits.

You will now earn 3X more credits in Arcade Mode, which equals 1500 credits daily. Lastly, daily login crates will provide more crafting parts. All of these changes are solely focused on not having to grind so much.

Amongst the progression changes, in the next few weeks, you will receive free heroes, maps, and vehicles. Heroes include Finn and Captain Phasma.

Microtransactions are still disabled at this time, and we still have no word on when they will come back, and if they will be the same system that was originally implemented. I’ll keep my eyes open for this one.

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